Of course! The members of the tribe can create their own activity (after consulting the Into the Tribe team). Tell us in the form sent after sign-up if you would like to create an activity to share your passion with the other members of the tribe. We will do our best to include your activity in the trip programme!

The start and the end of the trip are shown in the tab introducing each trip.

Special menus (vegetarian or gluten-free) can be served on prior request at least 2 weeks before the trip. If you have any allergies, you must also tell us the same amount of time before the trip.

Yes of course! You can arrive later and leave earlier. However, this does not change the price of the trip.

Into the Tribe trips are reserved exclusively for adults (over 18). We ask tribe members to bring their ID documents.

If you need to transfer your place to someone else, you should let us know in writing 30 days before departure at most. A supplement of €100 is payable for the transfer. All cancellation requests and transfer requests should be in writing, preferably by email to the following address: vincent@intothetribe.com. Please see all the details in the general conditions of sale.

Don’t forget your sun cream, your musical instrument, your book, your towel, your swimsuit, your wash bag, your medicines, your insect repellent, a fancy dress costume, a board game, your nicest smile and you favourite jokes.

Your phones will be blocked at the start of the trip by an app which only lets you call. Other electronic devices are forbidden (TVs, Game Boys, computers, tablets, e-book readers…). Electronic devices needed for medical reasons (CPAP machines, insulin pumps and others) are of course allowed. Cameras and camcorders are also accepted and photos will be taken by the team during the trip.

We have a telephone and an Internet connection in case of emergency. In addition, your phones will be blocked but you will be able to call if there is a problem.

Contact us, it depends of the hotel policy.