Into the Tribe Story

Why We Do This

Addiction to new technologies is becoming stronger in our societies


Excessive online time results with so many effects

Lack of concentration and creativity
Lack of reflection due to instant answers
Preference for making virtual relations

Withdrawal symptoms like depression
Tendonitis and neck pain
Sleeping and eating disorders

Digital Detox

(n.) A period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

Oxford Dictionary

We create group travel experiences where you will…


Disconnect from your digital world

Desintoxication digital. Into the Tribe. Le Berry. Ingrandes. 29 Avril - 1 Mai. 29 Avril - 1 Mai 2016. © Camila Garcia, all rights reserved

Explore non touristy areas


Share your passions


Enjoy activities “à la carte”

29 Avril - 1 Mai 2016. © Camila Garcia, all rights reserved

Connect and meet new people


Discover local and homemade meals

 Trips are totally unplugged. Each member’s smartphone will be blocked by an app which only lets you call.

No internet – No Wifi – No Stress

Who We Are


Into The Tribe Founder

After Business School and 2 years of work experience, I did a one year road trip around Europe and Asia. During this trip, I realised I wanted to create my own travel agency, not only because travelling is my passion, but also because I believe people are too much connected with technology nowadays.

I believe that I can make a change in people’s lives with a “digital detox” trip. A place where they can disconnect from their digital life to reconnect with others and nature. An opportunity to have a better balance between their real and virtual life. This is how Into the Tribe was born in October 2015, offering the first trip to their members in May 2016.

Our Team


Marketing and Communication Director

Maud has a strong experience in marketing and communication in the event industry. She is in charge of the marketing and business strategy for Into the Tribe.


Scientific Director 

Thibaud has a PHD in neuroscience. He is doing research on the impact of hyperconnectivity on the brain and the benefits of Digital Detox.  He is also in charge of development of corporate training to help managers and collaborators to improve their relationship with technologies.


Digital Director

She has strong experience in social media and communication. She is in charge of the communication and digital strategies.

Speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese


Leader of Coaching

Matthieu is a Digital Wellness coach (ICF) and leader of Into the Tribe coaching program. He will help you to take control of digital tools and do away with the stress of hyperconnectivity for good.

Other Contributors

Vadim (Web & Event Advisor) ● Paul (Web & Event Advisor) ● Ben (Event Advisor) ● Antoine (IT Advisor) ● Camille (design) ●  François-Pierre (SEO) ● Christiane  (Law Advisors) ● Patrick (Management Advisor)